An esteemed pastry school,
distinguished as one of the finest globally.


An esteemed pastry school,
distinguished as one of the finest globally.


An esteemed pastry school, distinguished as one of the finest globally.

Craftsmanship, precision, and artistry are

at the forefront of our pastry education.

Craftsmanship, precision, and artistry are at the forefront of our pastry education.

Embark on an extensive, hands-on course that welcomes students with no prior experience. Delve into the world of baking and pastry, exploring endless opportunities, learning the latest techniques during the comprehensive 1150-hour program.

Next Intake: November 2023
Location: Mumbai
Experience the fascinating realm of egg-free baking from a scientific perspective with our specially crafted course, developed entirely through in-house research and recipe creation. Intensive hands-on program spread over 13 modules encompassing from the basics to contemporary baking & pastry.
Next Intake: September 2023, November 2023
Location: Mumbai
SEP offers masterclasses for various durations in different areas of baking and pastry to help students/ professionals specialize in a specific skill set.

Location: Mumbai

Craftsmanship, precision, and artistry are
at the forefront of our pastry education.

Discover the impeccable fusion of unparalleled expertise, artisanal finesse, cutting-edge technology, and the finest global ingredients, culminating in the creation of extraordinary delicacies that embody pure opulence and refined elegance.

Chef Anil Rohira - Best Pastry Chef in Mumbai


At SEP, we are privileged to have an esteemed leadership team that comprises the crème de la crème of the culinary world. With their exceptional expertise and extensive experience, they are the driving force behind our renowned global European pastry school.
Chef Vikas Bagul - Best Pastry Chef in Mumbai
Top Pastry Chefs in Mumbai

Over 130 years of collective

experience of our chefs.

Start your business in the field of pastry

Professional Baking Courses in Mumbai
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Students Love Us!

Did the 6 week certificate course in eggless baking and would 💯 recommend! The faculty is warm, caring and compassionate while also being one of the best in their field.
Karina Parwani
I completed my 6 weeks eggfree baking course from SEP. A self taught baker, I joined SEP to learn baking the right way. In India this school is one of a kind. If anyone is looking to understand baking, this is the place.
Geetika Tibrewal
I recently graduated from School of European pastry, 6 month Diploma course and it was the most fulfilling experience ever. Chef’s at SEP have aced their roles at teaching as well as being a good Chef. Heart full of gratitude and love for this place always 💕
Ruhi Ahmed
I had an incredible experience during the 6-week egg-free pastry course! Learning from the talented chefs at SEP was an absolute delight. From delicate French macarons to flaky pastries, each lesson expanded my baking skills and creativity. The chefs’ expertise and passion were contagious, making every session engaging and enjoyable.
Kriti Upadhyaya
My 6 weeks of learning at SEP has been an absolute game changer for my baking journey. The institute’s commitment to excellence and their exceptional teaching methods have exceeded my expectations.I feel much more confident in my baking abilities and have acquired a solid foundation of skills and knowledge.
Ishita Daswani
SEP has been one of the best decisions of my life. It is absolutely worth it. I personally feel transformed in the way I work in just a span of 6 weeks! SEP has got the absolute best chefs and team.
Mahek Hardwani
I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the education and training that I received at the School for European Pastry. I am sure that my education and preparation at the School for European Pastry have equipped me for a fruitful future in the food sector.
Nisha Shrestha
Coming to SEP for the 6-Month Diploma was the best decision I’ve ever made. All the chefs’ dedication and patience to teaching us the art of pastry is remarkable. They not only served as mentors, but also as friends. It was an incredible journey and I’m so grateful for all the knowledge.
Riya Batra
I did the 6 weeks certificate course at SEP and I have had the best time learning, and having so much fun. The chefs don’t just teach you baking but the science behind it, their infrastructure and equipment are amazing. Thank You to Chef Anil and Chef Vikas and the whole SEP team.
Drumsstar Aryamman
I recently completed my 6 weeks eggless certificate course from SEP and I must say it was an Dreamy and wonderful experience.The environment was so good that it felt home since day 1. I did so many mistakes but all the chefs made me solve them with utmost patience. Thankyou SEP, Forever Grateful.❤️
Uttam Kaur
I have done 6 weeks eggless certification course. And it was amazing experience for me. Chef mahesh is the one of the best chef like he is the master of everything ♥️ Chef Sheldon is my favourite chef because he make me feel confident of making breads. Thank you everyone❤️
Chocoberry 0910
Joining SEP is one of the best decision that my parents and i made. I recently completed my 6 months Diploma in Banking and Pastry what it was an amazing journey. From basics to advance, they made sure that everything was clear and understood. We learned everything from scratch to perfection.
Disha Mundhra
One of the best school in India if you want to learn the art of eggless baking. I recently completed my six week certificate course in eggless baking and pastry. By the end of the course you will gain proper knowledge about each module. I would strongly recommend SEP to everyone who wants to learn the art of eggless baking.
Simran Arora
First of all, I would like to thank each and everyone from SEP for helping me with the knowledge what I have today of Baking and Patisserie. There was constant support of all the Chefs towards me. Thanking you again SEP. I had great time and memories here.
Shashank Verma
The school is fantastic. Chef Prathamesh is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in every aspect of pastry. The classes are excellent and have a fun relaxed atmosphere. The recipes are from every corner of the world hence you get a lot of variety. The entire SEP team is amazing and is ready to help you anytime.
Maria Shaikh
I’ve recently completed my 6 months diploma course from School for European Pastry. SEP truly is a dream school for every budding pastry chef in the country. The School for European Pastry has the perfect blend of the highest levels of skill and craftsmanship, state of the art equipment, and the best ingredients from around the world.
Yashvi Shah
The best decision of my life was when I chose SEP to fulfil my dream of becoming a pastry chef. SEP one of the best pastry and baking school, It not only teaches us how to bake but also teaches us the science behind it. I have an entirely new perspective on things, all thanks to the chef’s for their guidance.
Radhika Saraf
I recently completed the 6 months Diploma in Bakery and Patisserie at SEP. It was the best decision I ever made. The Chefs were so patient while teaching us and I’m very thankful to them for guiding us through perfection.Thank you SEP!
Mrunal Oak
SEP has been one of the best experiences of my life. It taught me so much more than just baking. I will forever be indebted to chefs and faculty out here. ’m so glad I could be a part of the SEP family.
Jia Bhamgara
This school is a dream kitchen for any Bakery enthusiast because of the way the infrastructure is been set here and the overall vibe this space carries. The entire staff at Sep make sure that you sail smoothly throughout your 6 months voyage and today when I look back I definitely miss all the learnings,experiences that I had throughout.
Shruti Kumthekar

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Obtain the Level 3 certification from City and Guilds, London, in a cutting-edge facility equipped with premium ingredients. Engage in a course that emphasizes scientific principles and techniques, complemented by a robust entrepreneurial program.

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At SEP, we believe in using the best ingredients from around the world. Our chocolate, from Felchlin (an exquisite chocolate company based in central Switzerland), won the ‘World’s Best Chocolate’ award in 2017.


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As one of the world's premier pastry schools, the School for European Pastry stands out with its impeccable fusion of unparalleled skill, cutting-edge equipment, and finest global ingredients. With Chef Vikas Bagul and Chef Anil Rohira, esteemed founders with decades of experience and international acclaim, you'll embark on a journey of baking and pastry exploration like never before. Our distinguished teaching faculty boasts a collective 130 years of expertise, ensuring intensive hands-on experiences that exceed expectations.

We have a wide variety of courses to choose from. Kindly refer to our courses for more information.

We are audited & certified by City & Guilds UK. Our students receive level 3 certification on completion of their exams.

(Applicable only for diploma)

You need to clear your basic education.(Grade 10) & minimum age requirement is 16 years and above.Basic understanding of English language is needed.

Embark on an all-encompassing journey to a career in baking & pastry.

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